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        摘要: 全柴动力(600218.SH)发布公告,自2021年8月6日至8月16日,公司股票累计涨幅74.57%,远高于沪市主板A股市场及同行业的平均水平;公司股票成交金额和换手率显著放大,日均成交金额11.0 ...







        Complete bavin motivation (600218.SH) issues announcement, come from August 6, 2021 on August 16, company stock accumulative total goes up 74.57% , outclass Shanghai city advocate board field of A stock market and the stock of company of average level; that are the same as an industry clinch a deal amount and the rate that change a hand magnifies significantly, day all clinchs a deal amount 1.103 billion yuan, day all changes a hand to lead 22.86% , trade than before 30 day of photograph comparing, day all clinchs a deal amount increases nearly 17 times, day all changes a hand to lead growth more than 11 times.

        Company clew risk: The company accuses share company proton to exchange electrode of film, film and system of fuel cell power to be in phase of trial-produce of research and development at present, index of technology of its research and development, data has not pass; of attestation of orgnaization of tripartite authority and course of study of domestic and international person of the same trade to precede industry posture is compared, the difference with the respect constant presence such as reserve of ongoing hair investment, technology and talent team, accordingly, whether successful implementation commercializes future existence uncertainty.

        In addition, in Anhui can Yuan Juan hydrogen can the collect that Inc. of science and technology drafts invest joins a project " intelligence of hydrogenous fuel cell makes construction item " be transformed at workshop and equipment purchases level, equipment already was purchased to have not undertake installing debugging related, the part imports equipment (contain component) consign cycle is long, cannot install in time likely use, bring about prospective quantity to produce time existence uncertainty.

        Company advocate the research and development that business Wu is engine, make with the sale, the asset dimensions related to business of hydrogenous fuel battery is lesser, blame advocate business Wu and of short duration does not have business income, although put into production, predict to appearing on the market company whole business is affected lesser also.

        Shareholder welfare! Taurus, Maotai, mobile phone... the task " a person of extraordinary powers " ceremony, wait for you to take >>
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