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      2. 派思股份[603318]股吧-怎么样-万融股票配资网


        摘要: 原标题:彤程新材拟投建ArF高端光刻胶研发平台项目 来源:上海证券报  上证报中国证券网讯(记者 孔子元)彤程新材公告,公司从实际生产经营需求出发,决定通过公司全资子公司彤程电 ...

        原标题:彤程新材拟投建ArF高端光刻胶研发平台项目 来源:上海证券报

          上证报中国证券网讯(记者 孔子元)彤程新材公告,公司从实际生产经营需求出发,决定通过公司全资子公司彤程电子在上海化学工业区内使用自筹资金6.9853亿元,投资建设“ArF 高端光刻胶研发平台建设项目”,项目预计于2023年末建设完成。该项目主要研究 ArF 湿法光刻胶工业化生产技术开发,通过建立标准化的生产及控制流程,提升高端光刻胶的质量控制水平,实现193nm 湿法光刻胶量产生产;同时,逐步建立先进的集成电路及配套材料开发与应用评价平台。



        Original title: Red Cheng XincaiPlan to cast establish source of item of platform of research and development of glue of photoetching of ArF high end: Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for

        Card signs up for dispatch of net of Chinese negotiable securities on (reporter Confucius yuan) announcement of red Cheng Xincai, the company manages demand to set out from actual production, decide through company wholy-owned subsidiary red Cheng electron is in Shanghai use inside chemical industrial district funds raised by oneself six hundred and ninety-eight million five hundred and thirty thousand yuan, investment is built " platform of research and development of glue of photoetching of ArF high end builds a project " , the project predicts 2023 end construction is finished. This project basically studies ArF is wet photoetching glue industrialization produces technical development, control flow through building the production of standardization to reach, the quality that promotes high-end photoetching glue controls a standard, implementation 193nm is wet photoetching glue quantity produces production; In the meantime, the integrated circuit with advanced work up and development of material of form a complete set and application evaluate platform.

        The company publishs half annual report with day. Half year realized the company 2021 net profit 237, 007, 518.42 yuan, grow 31.72% compared to the same period; Basic every accrual 0.4 yuan.

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