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        摘要: 原标题:苹果股价盘中涨至150.59美元,续刷历史新高 来源:老虎证券周一,苹果盘中涨0.8%,报150.59美元,续刷历史新高。距离新一次的苹果秋季新品发布会的时间(9月14日)只剩不到一个 ...

        原标题:苹果股价盘中涨至150.59美元,续刷历史新高 来源:老虎证券






        iPhone 13将沿用刘海设计,但模组面积将大幅缩小。与此同时,iPhone 13系的Pro机型将采用120Hz高刷新率OLED屏幕,相比此前的60Hz刷新率提升了一倍。

        虽然苹果在ipad上早已用上120Hz,但在手机上却迟迟不采用高刷策略,相比安卓阵营显得落后许多。预计iPhone 13 Pro将刺激更多苹果老用户乃至安卓用户的换机需求。​​

        ​预计iPhone 13将在视频拍摄中将引入人像模式,并在相机中添加新的滤镜功能。





        市场研究数据公司Counterpoint Intelligence Research Partners的数据显示,在截至2021年6月的第二季度,iPhone 12 Mini销量仅占iPhone 12系总销量的5%。

        另据市场研究公司Trendforce报告,苹果已停止了iPhone 12 mini的生产。所以苹果很有可能不再推出新的mini产品。

        更方的Apple Watch


        预计即将发布的新款Apple Watch也将采用这一设计理念变得更方,以使其与手机的外形风格更为统一。​​


        iPad mini换外形

        预计ipad mini 6将弃用延续多年大额头+下巴+指纹识别的设计,而采用和目前ipad Pro一样的全面屏和面容识别。

        更高的屏占比将令ipad mini 6在相同设备尺寸的情况下,拥有更大的屏幕显示面积。​​

        ​不出意外的话,新款ipad将换上去年发布的A14处理器。至于iPad 9,预计还将沿用老模具,换上两年前发布的A13处理器。毕竟库存管理上,苹果做的一直十分出色,刀法拿捏精准。

        而对于新款MacBook产品,除了将升级新的M1芯片外,也极有可能采用mini LED技术,以获得更佳的显示效果。

        除了上述手持设别的升级外,苹果还将发布一款新的入门级AirPods,其外形更接近AirPods Pro。​​


        Original title: Malic share price dish in go up to 150.59 dollars, add brushs the history new tall source: Tiger negotiable securities

        Zhou Yi, apple dish in go up 0.8% , sign up for 150.59 dollars, add brushs the history new tall.

        The space is new the time that malic autumn tastes a news briefing newly (on September 14) remnant is less than a month, what does the new facility that is about to release have to deserve the place that expect?

        The apple connects regular meeting to implement strict confidential plan to the new facility that has not release, nevertheless generally speaking, as the drawing near that tastes a news briefing newly, supply the link such as catenary to also transmit more message, it is the market talk pool that wall street information arranges below.

        Less bang, the screen that brushs higher

        Little bang, A15, 120Hz, 1TB, these are new fund IPhone keyword.

        IPhone 13 designs bang of continue to use, but modular group area will narrow considerably. Meanwhile, the Pro type that IPhone 13 fastens will use screen of OLED of 120Hz high refresh rate, the 60Hz refresh rate before comparing this promoted one times.

        Although the apple uses 120Hz already on Ipad, but do not use tardy however on the mobile phone brush strategy high, appear backward than bringing eminent a group of people of same interest a lot of. Predicting IPhone 13 Pro will excite more apple old user and even An Zhuo user change machine requirement. ? ?

        ? Predicting IPhone 13 will film in video the lieutenant general introduces figure mode, add new filter lens function in camera.

        In addition, video still will be used more the transcribe format of high quality -- ProRes. ? ?

        ? Faster A15 processor, better watch for a chance, this is in anticipation. Of unexpected is the memory that will bear the biggest 1TB, move only quite ostentatious, also do not fear mobile phone capacity was used not quite again from now on.

        Batteries capacity respect won't have remarkable promotion, fill the estimation on power quickly nevertheless to be able to promote 25W.

        Those who need an attention is, The apple won't roll out Mini money IPhone possibly again, because the sales volume of this one product is real last year goodish.

        The market studies the data of data company Counterpoint Intelligence Research Partners shows, be in up to the 2nd quarter June 2021, 5% what sales volume of IPhone 12 Mini occupies IPhone 12 to fasten total sales volume only.

        Occupy the market additionally to study company Trendforce reports, the apple already halted the production of IPhone 12 Mini. So the apple rolls out new Mini product very likely no longer.

        More square Apple Watch

        The apple traded smoother indication hold for IPhone last year, and more the crust of Founder.

        The new fund Apple Watch that predicts to be about to release also will use this to design a concept to become more square, in order to make the appearance style of its and mobile phone more unified. ? ?

        ? Besides the change of the appearance, apple or for its watch adds new sensor, detect for example the blood sugar index of the user.

        IPad Mini changes an external form

        Predicting Ipad Mini 6 will abandan continuance the design that dactylogram of + of chin of + of old big forehead identifies, and use and the comprehensive screen with at present same Ipad Pro and countenance identify.

        Taller screen is occupied than will making Ipad Mini 6 falls in the circumstance of same equipment dimension, have bigger screen to show an area. ? ?

        ? Do not give accident word, new fund Ipad will change the A14 processor that released last year. As to IPad 9, predict to return old pattern of continue to use, change the A13 processor that releases on two years ago. After all on inventory management, the apple does all the time very outstanding, knife law is taken hold essence of life to allow.

        And to product of new fund MacBook, besides will upgrade outside new M1 chip, use Mini LED technology extremely likely also, in order to achieve much better indication result.

        Besides afore-mentioned holding set other outside upgrading, the apple still will release a new introductory class AirPods, its appearance is close to AirPods Pro more. ? ?

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