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    1. 万融配资网

      中国恒大:前6月合约销售额达3488.4亿元 同比增长约23.8%|地产

      摘要: 原标题:中国恒大:前6月合约销售额达3488.4亿元 同比增长约23.8% 来源:中国网地产中国网地产讯 7月1日,中国恒大发布2020年前6月销售简报。集团物业于2020年6月份的合约销售金 ...

      原标题:中国恒大:前6月合约销售额达3488.4亿元 同比增长约23.8% 来源:中国网地产

      中国网地产讯 7月1日,中国恒大发布2020年前6月销售简报。





      Original title: Chinese constant is big: Before agreement sale amounted to three hundred and forty-eight billion eight hundred and forty million yuan to grow origin of about 23.8 % compared to the same period in June: Chinese net is landed

      Dispatch of Chinese net real estate on July 1, chinese constant is released greatly before 2020 sold brief report in June.

      Group property in June 2020 the agreement sale amount of the portion is a RMB about 76.05 billion yuan, grow about 51.3% compared to the same period; Agreement sells an area to be 8.553 million square metre about, grow about 84.0% compared to the same period; The sale answers a paragraph to be a RMB 75.69 billion yuan, grow about 60.0% compared to the same period. Among them, project of new June open quotation 28, amount of implementation agreement sale makes an appointment with a RMB 23.97 billion yuan.

      2020 first half of the year, amount of sale of agreement of group property accumulative total amounts to a RMB 3, 48.84 billion yuan, grow about 23.8% compared to the same period; Area of sale of accumulative total agreement is made an appointment with 3, 8.632 million square metre, grow about 47.5% compared to the same period; Accumulative total sale answers a paragraph to make an appointment with a RMB 3, 12 billion yuan, grow about 66.5% compared to the same period. Agreement sale amount and accumulative total sale answer the group first half of the year money data all refresh record of historical the corresponding period.

      Below the setting that faces sale of epidemic situation influence, industry to glide generally, the group satisfies market demand than the product through making price of high quality, tall sex, the gender is initiated to carry out the sale on the net since Feburary especially, drive sale to grow strong, show a powerful executive force and fight risk ability. Group to finishing annual managed an end each 2020 confident.

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