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        摘要:   十多年前,我们刚开始线上创业时,零售市场“控货+流量”的逻辑还是主流,在实践的磨砺中,我们看见了“普惠+人为先”的未来。  五年前,我们在端午节期间的一次失败大促,反而使 ...






          从2020年7月1日起,我将不再担任公司CEO。公司联合创始人、CTO 陈磊将接任CEO。

          同时,公司任命高级副总裁朱健翀为公司首席法务官(General Counsel),任命马靖为公司财务副总裁。


          伴随这次调整,我将按照IPO时的承诺,正式成立“繁星慈善基金”,并连同创始团队捐赠名下拼多多上市公司113,548,920股普通股(约占公司总股数的2.37% ),旨在推动社会责任建设和科学研究。该慈善基金为不可撤销的慈善基金,由独立受托人管理,保证慈善基金的所有资产全部用于公益用途。





          拼多多董事长 黄峥



        More than 10 years ago, we just began when doing poineering work on the line, retail market " control money + discharge " logic or mainstream, in the go through the mill of practice, we saw " Pu Hui + factitious first " future.

        5 years ago, we close to greatly in failure during dragon boat festival, make instead I believe more " go all out " this one mode, can collect the person's demand effectively, create different social value necessarily in future.

        Now, we see Internet is solved had been efficiency problem not merely, of people fictitious with reality, fall with the line on the line already be inextricably involved, believe " Costco+Dishini" the future that is retail spending market necessarily.

        In these a few years, Go all out greatExperienced flying development. The fast dilate of the group, the high speed of business is addedGrow andThe acuteness change of external environment, be in urge we upgrade further our administrative group and company processing structure.

        Be in yesterday, we held special board of directors, iteration that approved administrative group adjusts:

        Since July 1, 2020, my general holds the position of company CEO no longer. Chen Lei of company combination author, CTO replace CEO.

        In the meantime, the company appoints Li of Zhu Jian of senior vice president to be official of Wu of company presiding method (General Counsel) , appoint Ma Jing to be company financial vice president.

        My general continues to hold the position of spell great president.

        Accompany this to adjust, my general according to the acceptance when IPO, hold water formally " fund of numerous star charity " , and virgin group donates along with under one's name goes all out great appear on the market company 113, 548, 920 common stock (take a company about total a 2.37% of several) , aim to promote social responsibility construction and scientific research. This charity fund is irrevocable charitable foundation, by independent trustee management, all asset that assure charitable foundation are used at commonweal utility entirely.

        Go all out great will continue to build and perfect copartner system. Under one's name of individual of my general lay off goes all out great appear on the market company 370, 772, 220 common stock (take a company about total of a number 7.74% ) give spell great copartner collective. Can not affecting the circumstance that spells interest of great and existing shareholder partly among them below, undertake the exploration of the respect such as a few long-term basic research and social commonweal, offer additional long-range power and accumulator for the company; The complement that one part can regard prospective management as the layer is incentive.

        I hope to be adjusted through this, administrative layer is OK and progressively give younger fellow worker more administrative jobs and responsibility, let a group grow quickly, let go all out great it is better to become the stronger company that is full of poineering vigor continuously.

        After be being adjusted this, my general spends more time and board of directors to establish a company in long-term strategy, research perfects the company that includes copartner machine to be made inside to administer a structure, advance from system level hard go all out great appear on the stage again rank, become the public orgnaization that has international competition ability stage by stage.

        No less than is narrated in my shareholder letter before IPO, go all out great bearing the weight of unique social value, it is orgnaization of a public, not be the tool that reveals individual ability, also should not have overmuch individual color. We go carry out acceptance, the constituent structure that perfects it hard, " devoir " culture, let spell great follow the destiny with its distinctive oneself is unripe be born not to cease, ceaseless evolution.

        Spell great president Huang Zheng

        On July 1, 2020

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