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        投资者提问:光启海容将构建100万公里光纤网络 覆盖50国2016/02/...|光启

        摘要: 投资者提问:光启海容将构建100万公里光纤网络 覆盖50国2016/02/26 08:51:34来源:电缆网分享到:【电缆网讯】2月25日,光启副总裁、光启海容国际通信集团CEO李涛透露,未来光启海容 ...


        光启海容将构建100万公里光纤网络 覆盖50国2016/02/26 08:51:34来源:电缆网分享到:【电缆网讯】2月25日,光启副总裁、光启海容国际通信集团CEO李涛透露,未来光启海容将构建长度超过100万公里,覆盖超过50个国家的全球骨干光纤网络。2016年就有光启海容说法,也在光启公众号有相关消息,这交易是否涉及到关联交易?






        Investor puts questions:

        The smooth look that open the sea proposes form fiber-optic network of 1 million kilometer to cover 50 states 2016/02/26 08:51:34 origin: Cable network shares: [cable network dispatch] on Feburary 25, light opens vice-president, Guang Qihai to allow Li Tao of CEO of international communication group to divulge, guang Qihai allows future propose form length to exceed 1 million kilometer, the sth resembling a net of global backbone smooth fibre web that covers more than 50 states. Opened the sea to hold a view with respect to bright 2016, also open public date to have relevant news in light, whether do this trade to involve correlation to trade?

        Dong Bi answers (Light opens a technologySZ002625) :

        Thank you the attention to the company, buy an item originally already break down, specific and visible " about cancelling 2020 the 3rd temporarily the announcement of shareholder plenary meeting " (announcement number: 2020-072) . Trade adversary just reachs principal shareholder, Dong Jian's high nonexistent related concern with the company, specific and visible " the announcement that replies about paying close attention to case to Shenzhen stock exchange " (announcement number: 2020-070) .

        Avoid duty statement: This information ceases from open letter by sina finance and economics in cento, do not make any investment proposals; Sina finance and economics does not assure the accuracy of data, content offers reference only.

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