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      2. 万融配资网

        唐金召:黄金原油齐涨继续追多还是看回调 操作建议走势分析|黄金

        摘要: 7月1日,黄金行情走势分析:现货黄金重心上移,现货黄金现报1788.72美元/盎司,金价上涨势不可挡,黄金受到避险需求支撑,而在大类资产同步上升的背景下,黄金升破1780,随着金价突破擦前高 ...






        On July 1, gold prices goes situation analysis: Merchandise on hand moves on gold centre of gravity, gold of merchandise on hand signs up for 1788.72 dollars now / ounce, Golden priceRise overwhelm, gold is avoided danger demand is propped up, and below the setting that rises in synchronism of kinds of big asset, gold rises broken 1780, break through interval of concussion of the perch before brushing as golden price, make what detain notes bull trade be invigorated. This Zhou Fei farming whether give the action on more to be able to be worth to pay close attention to. This Zhou Si's blame farming if data is behaved not beautiful, what drive golden price possibly is farther go up, performance of even if data is strong, hit the price very hard also press to 1747 under. The course on forest belt of cloth of wire of day of golden price edge moves; Gold of merchandise on hand lasts refresh 7 years of half perch.

               From the point of technical area, gold short line still is given priority to more with doing, before breaking through this as golden price dish whole interval, follow-up makings checks 1800 col further. Will integratedly look, callback of the proposal on operation of short now line is done give priority to more. Upper part key pays close attention to obstruction of 1797 a gleam of, lower part key pays close attention to 1775 a gleam of to prop up.

           Crude oilPrices goes situation analysis: International oil price goes tall, beautiful oil signs up for 40.3 dollars now / bucket, supply tends cut benefit much information props up beautiful oil further, american reserve data is recorded so that exceed once more anticipate drop considerably, nevertheless this is continued to tend austere bad news place offsets by epidemic situation however, crude price dies from historic this year price dish in rebound, achieved the optimal quarter performance that comes nearly 30 years. Show as API data stock of American crude oil falls first since May, and it is this year since the biggest fall, at the same time economic data improvement is carried brace up the crude oil demand of the market anticipates, this makes Zhou Sanmei crude oil is maintained go up situation, pay close attention to American EIA data in a few days, if data is good at anticipating, may short line continues to be offerred to oil price prop up.

        Technical area looks, oil price short line slants much, but consider near future kinetic energy is finite, predicting amplitude won't be too big. Obstruction look first to 41.63, this is the apogee since jumping to drop for nothing on March 9, have stronger resistance; Prop up first advertent the course in forest belt of 4 hours of cloth 38.92. Will integratedly look: The proposal on operation of short now line is low look to be given priority to more, perch is done it is for nothing complementary.

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