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        摘要: 原标题:安信证券投资者教育基地2020《股东来了》活动推广会成功举办  在中国证监会办公厅、投资者保护局的指导下,由中证中小投资者服务中心、安徽证监局等联合主办的《股东 ...






        Original title: Investor of the negotiable securities that bring a letter teachs base 2020 " partner came " mobile promotion can be held successfully

        In Chinese card inspect meeting general office, investor protects the guidance of the bureau to fall, by in the bureau of inspect of card of small investor service center, Anhui combination in card sponsors " partner came " activity of contest of knowledge of 2020 investor rights and interests, pulled open heavy curtain formally on August 10, face broad in small investor popularizes knowledge of rights and interests, set an example lead know to counterpoise authority, actively all right in the round, lawfully thought fors the time being.

        To answer this activity actively, base of education of investor of the negotiable securities that bring a letter was organized afternoon on August 23 " partner came " promotion is met, invited more than 40 investor ginseng to meet, assistance of base working personnel joins meeting investor spot to register, introduced in detail to investor this second " partner came " the activity is regular, guide investor to participate in answering question. In addition this second activity is special still invited China of instructor honored guest to collect finance of be in harmony to accuse general manager of district of limited company Anhui Mr Dai Mingming, chief inspector of business of fund of industry of mew lake automobile pays colourful lady, explain for investor " investor of fund of illicit collect equity is taught " , " vigilance covers a road to borrow " cast teach course.

        " partner came " since activity of contest of knowledge of 2020 investor rights and interests is begun, branch of Anhui of the negotiable securities that bring a letter and height of base of education of investor of the negotiable securities that bring a letter take this activity seriously, hu Yong of Anhui branch chief undertook specific work deploy to mobile promotion, ask faculty is taken an active part in, will detect through mobile answering question rise complete member professional knowledge reserve, in addition all clients must accomplish the branch the biggest conduct propaganda is enclothed, through the means such as short message, phone the announcement reachs the designated position, put forward " the gift is increased on the ceremony " bonus policy comes drive participates in answering question eagerly from personnel of course of study and investor, to investor at the same time educational base put forward to walk into an enterprise, walk into the college, conduct propaganda that walks into community to ask, do one's best lets more investor pay close attention to this second " partner came " activity, understand more investor rights and interests to protect knowledge.

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