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    1. 派思股份[603318]股吧-怎么样-万融股票配资网


      摘要: 来源:不止是钢货项光达的3个小故事,带你了解青山钢铁是如何做到世界500强的!——有节选51不锈钢-8月23日【广告:钢铁行业的大趋势和出路均是兼并重组、集中度提升,早重组、早受益 ...




















      Origin: More than it is steel goods

      Of Xiang Guangda3Conte, taking you to understand green hill iron and steel is how to accomplish the world500Strong! -- have section choosing

      51Stainless steel- 8Month23Day

      [advertisement: The big trend of steely industry and outlet all are annex weighs group, concentration to spend promotion, early recombine, early be benefited, The welcome has intent to sell the relevant controller of steelworks passes small letter tiring-room and us to contact, many partner will be recommended after we understand a circumstance to check. Ask steelworks dimensions is in20010 thousand tons of above, the top is not sealed on]

      2020Year8Month21Day Fujian peaceful heart holds " seminar of innovation of new material of stainless steel of Chinese · Ning De " go up, global first ferronickel steers a boat with what stainless steel produces a business person -- a paragraph of speech of Xiang Guangda of chairman of bureau of trustee of green hill iron and steel, your person is meaningful, benefit a lot.

      01Green hill is " very dedicated " enterprise

      The chairman says, from1988Year do poineering work, to now already32Year, green hill heart is not had by look for, dedicated industry catenary. AndWe are what appearance 30 years ago, we still are what appearance now, include myself inside. We still wear coverall at ordinary times, still leave a workshop, still arrive forefront.

      02Not dicey, dare enter, dare be a person first

      The chairman says, in2008Year when, actually whole and steely industry is same: Industry of general carbon steel, stainless steel industry, the tie of resource of be enslaved to be enslaved to. Our stainless steel60%-70%It is nickel, who is that nickel a future life produces? Be foreigner production, ourselves does not have production. But, if our stainless steel should develop, must solve " nickel is insufficient " problem. Green hill is passed10Year right-and-left effort, in2018Year had become the ferronickel with the greatest whole world to produce business.

      The chairman says, manufacturing industry, the technology can learn. But resource deficient is particularly difficult. Nickel this industry, So we sell5010 thousand/Ton when, its cost namely15000Yuan. Everything, what be attributed to us is not dicey, the mind that dare enter.

      03Innovate, it is the source that green hill develops

      Actually the initial stage of our enterprise develops level, technical issue is the most serious problem. Civilian battalion enterprise is in a lot of places is not to have what compete with state-operated enterprise, say the movable type that we invent at that time soAOD, basically solve intermediate frequency furnace, AODThis suitable means, this also isThe world follows the first times from intermediate frequency furnaceAODThe craft of form a complete set.

      The 2nd innovates, namelyRKEFStainless steel smelt is together jointly. Originally, RKEFIt is to attribute smelt metal trade, AODIt is to attribute metallurgy trade. But, allow two trades and be together, craft can save 800 money. Evermore, green hill increases considerably in the competition ability inside the industry.

      About the development of green hill

      He often flows with old diplomacy, the foreigner also is to pay no attention to solution all the time to Chinese development, feel we too exert to one's utmost, not on Sunday, without holiday. If so dry, they (foreigner) how to do?

      The chairman is so explain with the foreigner: We cannot be compared with yours now. Our China develops reforming and opening just 40 years, european development arrives now already more than 100 years. Actually we are to achieve generation, you are rich 10 generation are more than. Present struggling also is for future, can go up to live euqally with you too for our unborn offspring...

      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

      Remarks: The reader reacts recently, the regulation of Tecent public date changed, not be to press time to be pushed early or late send, Had better nod an assist beneath, state old man already was read, otherwise the likelihood receives the article that is less than me.

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