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        董忠云:脱离产业的金融如无本之木 没有金融的产业也如一潭死水

        摘要: 中航证券有限公司首席经济学家 董忠云  2020中国财富论坛于8月22日-23日在青岛举行。主题为“全球剧变下的财富管理趋势”。23日下午,以“多元化金融生态助力产融结合”为 ...
        中航证券有限公司首席经济学家 董忠云







        In limited company of boat negotiable securities is presiding economist Dong ZhongyunIn limited company of boat negotiable securities is presiding economist Dong Zhongyun

        Forum of 2020 China fortune on August 22 - hold 23 days in Qingdao. The theme is " the money management trend below global revulsion " . 23 days afternoon, with " diversity banking modes of life and relation to their environment aids force to produce be in harmony to be united in wedlock " the height forum that gives priority to a problem pulls open heavy curtain, president of innovation of month of Yang Zaiping of deputy secretary-general of society of ceremony of distribution of researcher of engage by special arrangement of room of counselor of the State Council of honored guest attending the meeting, China finance, cloud is Bin of the Song Dynasty, medium boat negotiable securities is presiding economist Dong Zhongyun, base illuminate the foundation president Wang Xiang, science and technology that be the same as aegis combines father, be in with everybody discussion " Internet + " with times of financial science and technology, how to attract financial orgnaization to be participated in more union of Pu Hui yield be in harmony, does the industry that help strength grow especially does medium and small businesses grow? The mode that how promotes tie yield be in harmony innovates and serve innovation.

        On the meeting, in chief economist Dong Zhongyun and everybody shared limited company of boat negotiable securities about in boat negotiable securities is in place of industrial confluence field made practice tries hard.

        He says to understand the importance of union yield be in harmony through American example above all, "During Welch is in office, current electric equipment realizes transition to fly through current sth used to one's own advantage. Current sth used to one's own advantage contributes much ready money to flow for current electric equipment, it is to contribute cash to flow not just, actually they are two accrete, current sth used to one's own advantage offers financing through buying the setting of department of industry of current electric equipment, carry brace up the sale of industrial department, current sth used to one's own advantage offers very low interest rate to these clients. " he thinks, finance wants base oneself upon at the industry, the industry wants base oneself upon at finance, the finance that breaks away from industrial development is to be just as without this wood, the industry that does not have finance also is like backwater, devoid vigor. Explain union yield be in harmony is a strong support at the same time.

        "At present our country is group interior is had at the same time everywhere industrial with finance, minority is given priority to with financial capital. In boat capitalAssuming union yield be in harmony, explore the serious liability that aviation industry admits. " Dong Zhongyun says, "Be in 935 during, whole in boat capital exceeds 57 billion yuan for group financing. Be in especially this year, a typical case, it is this year on July 31, drive Anhui Hefei a company appears on the market in IPO. This is the company that confluence of a the army and the people joins, be in early 2017 when, we begin development each processes. Include below have a lot of fund, capital of a lot of industries becomes a shareholder this company, integral implementation increase is the biggest change. Integral implementation increase is the biggest change..

        Sweep 2 dimension to pile up direct seeding to answer put

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