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        摘要: 原标题:中钨高新(000657.SZ)第一期拟向激励对象授予限制性股票2260.48万股 来源:格隆汇格隆汇 8 月 23日丨中钨高新(000657.SZ)发布限制性股票激励计划(草案),依据本计划授 ...

        原标题:中钨高新(000657.SZ)第一期拟向激励对象授予限制性股票2260.48万股 来源:格隆汇

        格隆汇 8 月 23日丨中钨高新(000657.SZ)发布限制性股票激励计划(草案),依据本计划授予的限制性股票所涉及的标的股票总量(不包括已经注销的限制性股票)及公司其他有效的股权激励计划(如有)累计涉及的公司标的股票总量,不超过公司股本总额的10%。





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        Original title: In tungsten is new and high(first phase of 000657.SZ) plans to award restricted stock twenty-two million six hundred and four thousand eight hundred source to incentive object: Case grand is collected

        Case grand is collected the tungsten in Piao is new and high on August 23 (000657.SZ) releases restricted stock drive to plan (draft) , the stock gross of the bid that the restricted stock place that awards according to this plan involves (the restricted share that does not include to had been cancelled) reach a company other and active equity drive plans (if have) the stock gross of the company bid that accumulative total involves, do not exceed 10% of amount of company capital stock.

        The total share amount of the bid that the restricted stock that first phase drafts to award to incentive object involves is twenty-two million six hundred and four thousand eight hundred, 2.14% what hold total capital stock of the company when planning announcement originally about. Among them, first award a total eighteen million and eighty-three thousand eight hundred, 80% what occupy the restricted stock gross that restricted stock drive plans to award about; Gross of obligate restricted stock 4.521 million, 20% what occupy the restricted stock gross that restricted stock drive plans to award about.

        Special resolution approves plenary meeting of blame classics shareholder, an any incentive objects reach the company's other and active equity drive to plan through this plan (if have) the share gross that accumulative total obtains, must not exceed 1% of amount of company capital stock.

        This in drive of stock of new and high restricted plans tungsten the incentive object that first drafting that award adds up to 143 people, include company director, senior administrator, core administrator to reach to appearing on the market company whole outstanding achievement is mixed develop the middle-level cadre that has immediate effect and core professional continuously, the tungsten in occupying is new and high appear on the market 1.9% of total number of company on-the-job staff. In the meantime, spend obligate share specified amount those who award sequel to accord with incentive object to decide a principle is new increase the staff such as core management and technical backbone. This drive plans incentive object to did not contain inspect thing, and the main shareholder of 5% above stock of company of alone or aggregate hold or effective control person and its spouse, parents, children. The trustee in incentive object, senior administrator must election of classics shareholder plenary meeting or appoint to a position of company board of directors. The with company or company branch inside the period of efficacy that the object must be in all drive to plan originally, accuse share company to have recruit or labor concerns.

        Of stock of restricted of first phase first awarding the price is 3.56 yuan / . Sth used to one's own advantage produces inside restricted stock period of efficacy fair indigestion turn add capital stock, distribute stock extra dividend, share to tear open fine or shrink, match wait for matters concerned, award amount and award the price to will consult to plan relevant provision to undertake be adjustmented accordingly originally. The company is in happen add hair is new below the circumstance, restricted stock awards the price to be not done adjust.

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