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      2. 派思股份[603318]股吧-怎么样-万融股票配资网

        马骏驱:政府主导、科技赋能 给中小微企业融资新希望

        摘要: 同盾科技联合创始人、合伙人 马骏驱  2020中国财富论坛于8月22日-23日在青岛举行。主题为“全球剧变下的财富管理趋势”。23日下午,以“多元化金融生态助力产融结合”为主 ...
        同盾科技联合创始人、合伙人 马骏驱









        The science and technology that be the same as aegis combines drive of fine horse of forces of father, partnershipThe science and technology that be the same as aegis combines drive of fine horse of forces of father, partnership

        Forum of 2020 China fortune on August 22 - hold 23 days in Qingdao. The theme is " the money management trend below global revulsion " . 23 days afternoon, with " diversity banking modes of life and relation to their environment aids force to produce be in harmony to be united in wedlock " the height forum that gives priority to a problem pulls open heavy curtain, president of innovation of month of Yang Zaiping of deputy secretary-general of society of ceremony of distribution of researcher of engage by special arrangement of room of counselor of the State Council of honored guest attending the meeting, China finance, cloud is Bin of the Song Dynasty, medium boat negotiable securities is presiding economist Dong Zhongyun, base illuminate the foundation president Wang Xiang, science and technology that be the same as aegis combines father, be in with everybody discussion " Internet + " with times of financial science and technology, how to attract financial orgnaization to be participated in more union of Pu Hui yield be in harmony, does the industry that help strength grow especially does medium and small businesses grow? The mode that how promotes tie yield be in harmony innovates and serve innovation.

        On the meeting, drive of fine horse of forces of author of combination of the science and technology that be the same as aegis, partnership discusses the angle medium and small businesses from union yield be in harmony how to should be done with honored guest attending the meeting, audience.

        Drive of equestrian fine horse thinks, from the angle of union yield be in harmony, what should care most actually is medium of small small company " financing is difficult " , " financing is expensive " problem. He says, "Where do we want the difficulty of small small company in the service to be in commonly now? Orgnaization of the bank that is us, finance has him the product with one very fixed a complete set of, everybody comes over to see which product suit me, if do not have those who suit me, I am sorry, do not have such product. Do not have such product..

        "Actually we were trying 20 years to solve in the past, it is us in thinking a service small small company, but in small small company especially financing difficult, financing is expensive, why? " drive of equestrian fine horse raised a such questions, subsequently his explanation says: "It is the problem of information asymmetry, we want to look for it, but did not understand these enterprises. But did not understand these enterprises..

        But there was new way now, drive of equestrian fine horse expresses, if past of a road is done not have, (that is) how to go through the government dominant, ode of company of science and technology can be solved in small small go very hard all the time the problem of financing. "Actually the government has a lot of different data, it is right we understand these enterprises to be able to be helped very big. But the data of our government cannot be rectified in the past come out, cannot increase a risk to financial orgnaization, have a pattern so (need) of our get through, it is the government goes dominant, we follow a government to be done together later, joint operation these information, serve finance to finally. Serve finance to finally..

        "We use the governmental data, data that uses folk, cite a case simply, say a manufacturing industry for example among them a small company, the enterprise that we discover this type should be in with n certain level, but we pass what information discovers actually this enterprise is not related electric power, so we are met risk more understanding. Conversely we see it when using n, managed the faith with have better in the past to this enterprise, make dare not borrow money in the past, there was the idea of new loan now. There was the idea of new loan now..

        Sweep 2 dimension code to examine direct seeding

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