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      摘要: 原标题:【盈喜】大唐西市(00620-HK)料半年盈利增 来源:财华社【财华社讯】大唐西市(00620-HK)公布,根据董事会初步检阅集团未经审核的管理账目及现时可获得之资料,集团预期二 ...

      原标题:【盈喜】大唐西市(00620-HK)料半年盈利增 来源:财华社


      扫二维码 3分钟开户 紧抓牛市回调良机!


      Original title: [be filled with happy event] city of big Tang Xi (gain of 00620-HK) makings half an year adds source: Money China company

      [dispatch of money China company] city of big Tang Xi (00620-HK) is announced, according to the board of directors preliminary inspect a group to be reached without the administrative items of an account of examine and verify uptodate the data that can obtain, the group anticipates stopped on June 30, 2020 6 months may be recorded so that upright have a person at making an appointment with 1 1000 5 1 million HK dollar to reach the company of HK dollar of 3 ten million Ying Zhanyi benefit (did not include investment property fairness the value is fluctuant) , comparative collection of the corresponding period must restrict benefit of excessive of 3 1 million HK dollar last year. Should anticipate growth is main benefit from benefit from period inside art and culture branch call in the interest income of the commission income that the auction previously meets and artwork financing business increases.

      Sweep 2 dimension code 3 minutes to open an account good chance of callback of grip ox city!
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