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        根据“南海战略态势感知计划”介绍,前述“挑战者650”侦察机,也称“阿尔忒弥斯”(即“空中多任务侦察情报系统”),是美陆军第一架喷气式侦察机,装配有超高解析度探测监视系统(HADES)。该机擅长高空侦察,旨在为“多域战”作战概念(Multi Domain Operations)提供情报支持,补齐短板。“美陆军‘挑战者650’侦察机的行动实际上就是在辅助进行作战概念的验证。”






        来源:@央视军事、环球网/李姚 徐璐明


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        On August 21, have gregarious media Zhang so-called, american army is expedited a plane already touched close China scout 3 days continuously. This airlines flies 21 days toward Taiwan direction first, next swerve touchs close Zhejiang coastal. Beautiful intermediary says, the plane changes his costume or dress by the business affairs machine of company of Canadian Pang Ba Di and come, explore monitoring system of freeboard resolution, the exterior does not have outfit of U.S. Army besmear, but be hired by an U.S. Army, lend civil name the fact that march thing scouts.

        Cut of small gain of CCTV military affairs pursuesCut of small gain of CCTV military affairs pursues
        Video cut pursuesVideo cut pursues

        Have why to attempt? Beautiful army is sent many days continuously " business affairs machine " touch close China scout

        This week, gregarious media message calls the United States army " A Er errorring cover this " (Artemis) scout in the sky touchs close China circumjacent maritime space a few days to have spy continuously. Beautiful intermediary says, this model the plane changes his costume or dress by the business affairs machine of Canadian Pang Badi company and come, explore monitoring system of freeboard resolution (HADES) . According to the plane photograph that beautiful army publishs, airframe does not have outfit of U.S. Army besmear.

        The message before intermediary of much home stage is early says, an attention military situation is pushed dynamicly special Zhang number says 19 days, army of an United States " A Er errorring cover this " scout from Japanese Okinawa fine hand accept air base takes off, be in in the morning 10 when the left and right sides is passed from airspace of channel of bus of Taiwan the eastpart part, return midday touch base. And 20 days, "Nanhai strategy posture feels a plan " also release small gain to mention, 20 days one this model spy has toward airspace of taiwan strait south before the plane.

        Stage intermediary reports cut pursuesStage intermediary reports cut pursues

        Basis " Nanhai strategy posture feels a plan " the introduction, narrate before " challenger 650 " scout, also say " A Er errorring cover this " (namely " system of information of scout of the many task in sky " ) , it is beautiful army scout of the first jet-propelled, assemble freeboard resolution explores monitoring system (HADES) . This machine is good at headroom scout, aim to be " much territory battle " fight concept (Multi Domain Operations) provide information support, fill neat short board. "Beautiful army ' challenger 650 ' the action of scout is being assisted namely actually undertake fighting notional test and verify. "Beautiful army ' challenger 650 ' the action of scout is being assisted namely actually undertake fighting notional test and verify..

        Notable is, the United StatesThe website reports Forbes 13 days to also introduce this month, "A Er errorring cover this " it is American army scout of the first jet-propelled, type is Pang Badi company (Bombardier) what make " challenger 650 " plane of double engine business affairs, of sensor. " A Er errorring cover this " arrived at Japan on July 28.

        The website reports Forbes check schemeThe website reports Forbes check scheme

        On August 7, ceng Zaiguan of executive office of project of American army aviation released a piece on square face book " A Er errorring cover this " photograph, introduced this model scout, can see airframe is installed without U.S. Army besmear in the photograph.

        Facial book cut pursuesFacial book cut pursues

        The near future, aircraft of U.S. Army ship is in China activity of circumjacent maritime space is frequent. Ceng Jiang of senior colonel of Wu Qian of spokesman of news of Chinese department of defense is moved, current, below the joint efforts of area country, the condition of the East China Sea, Nanhai is overall be stability. The country inside this sufficient specification region has wisdom, capable, method talks things over through direct negotiation, appropriate is in difference, protect peace in all. Watch the United States of the country outside serving as region instead, hitting alleged " the voyage is free " cover, aircraft of ship of clique for military use comes the East China Sea, Nanhai is provoked, tall frequency just is carried out to touch close scout in be opposite, hold the war game with extremely strong specific aim, endanger the dominion of area country and safe interest badly, play havoc with the peace and stability of our region.

        Origin: @ CCTV military affairs, round-the-world net / plum Yao Xulu bright

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