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      绿景中国中期业绩再现波动 股东应占盈利暴跌96%

      摘要:   原标题:绿景中国中期业绩再现波动,股东应占盈利暴跌96%  来源:一财网  绿景中国(00095.HK)业绩正经受与母公司联动开发这一商业模式的短期阵痛。  该公司于8月21日发布 ...















      Original title: Emersion of outstanding achievement of metaphase of green scene China is fluctuant, partner should occupy gain to steep fall 96%

      Origin: One money net

      Green scene China (00095.HK) outstanding achievement suffers the short-term labour pains that develops pattern of this one trade with parent company linkage really.

      This company released on August 21 metaphase reported 2020 period show, index records finance affairs of multinomial core of green scene China so that glide compared to the same period: Drop compared to the same period without the accrual of examine and verify 28% reach 2.462 billion yuan, core profit drops compared to the same period 54% reach 262 million yuan, partner should occupy gain to drop compared to the same period 96% reach 38 million yuan.

      As earth store the regional room look forward to that is centered at Shenzhen, green scene China is dedicated at skill old change, develop a project every year finite, more focusing at profit margin get. Inside report period, interest rate of wool of green scene China drops compared to the same period 5 percent come 65% , still the gross profit of average 20%-30% leads outclass industry level.

      Pursuit gain is the biggest change dimensions of and rather than the biggest change, concern with the development strategy of green scene China.

      Green scene China and parent company are green the relation that scene group is development of a kind of linkage. Normally, accuse a group of shareholder green situation to be in charge of old the early days that revises a project develops the work, till the uncertainty of the project is eliminated, the ability after the project is mature is met infuse appears on the market fair. This makes green scene China can better evasive depend on action pat hang wait for the high price with intense competition to take ground pattern, reduce appear on the market company financial cost and cash flow pressure, have the effect of beautification forms for reporting statistics.

      Specific to estate development and sale advocate in light of course of study, green scene China has gross area to make an appointment with the quality land reserve of 4.14 million square metre, and the company of project progressively infuse that controls a partner to plan to make an appointment with existing gross area 10.4 million square metre. These projects basically distributing to wait for city of core of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai.

      However, the commercial pattern that this kind of linkage develops is not without handicap. It is annual above all project of sale, carry forward not all periodic fluctuant performance is outstanding, individual and general capacity is old the metropolis such as the gross profit standard that changes a project, time that enter town causes index of core finance affairs rise and fall substantially.

      This year first half of the year, the outstanding achievement of green scene China apparent be put into trouble at such periodic wave motion. Accrual of China of green scene of the corresponding period evened more last year 80% come from size of mangrove bay one, about 2.75 billion yuan, the wool interest rate of this project exceeds 70% . than below, income of project of carry forward of China of green first half of the year this year scene only 24.37% come from size of mangrove bay one, other come from spend square of business affairs of city, green Jing at beautiful scenery square, international. This caused the be issued to lower levels of accrual of green scene China, gross profit directly.

      Commercial property investment and manage as landed development and sale advocate outside course of study another big advocate course of study, offer cash shedding to prop up for green scene China. Inside report period, this business board piece whole did not get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, income grows 4.97% to reach 317 million yuan compared to the same period.

      Additional, the Shenzhen Bai Shizhou that pays close attention to all the time to the outside is old revise a project when can infuse appears on the market the problem of the company, green scene China also expresses: "2020 second half of the year, bai Shizhou is old the much that changes equity of project the rest China of infuse green scene. Bai Shizhou is old the much that changes equity of project the rest China of infuse green scene..

      The data shows, bai Shizhou is old change be located in Shenzhen core area, add up to allows floor area to achieve 3.58 million square metre. Before this in October 2019, wholy-owned subsidiary of green scene China and group accuse a partner to conclude subscribe agreement, with the stock of company of cost subscribe target of 10 thousand dollar. After this, green scene China passes city of Bai Shizhou of target company hold to update a project the rights and interests of 25% .

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