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        黄峥卸任拼多多CEO 1000亿不要了?乘风破浪的大佬 开启“半隐生涯”?

        摘要:   7月1日,拼多多创始人黄峥宣布卸任CEO,仅保留董事长职务,年纪轻轻就要开启“半隐生涯”。  近一两年,不少商界传奇人物要么卸任重要职务,要么直接退休隐退,他们退去幕后的原 ...














        On July 1, spell great author Huang Zheng to announce to leave off one's post CEO, retain president post only, age is about gently open " half concealed career " . Nearly 9 years, or of many character of business circles legend leave off his post main job, or retires directly retired, what is reason of their retire backstage? On July 1, spell great author Huang Zheng to announce, leave off one's post spell great and presiding apparitor, retain president post only, at the same time Huang Zheng returns equity of part of sell one's own things, oppose a scale from April 43.3% fall to 29.4% newest. According to making public data computation, the individual fortune that Huang Zheng abandons this is as high as 100 billion yuan of RMB. Since this year, spell great share price to innovate repeatedly tall, market prise turned over 2.5 times. By June, year only before yellow Zheng social status of 40 years old exceeds first Fu Mayun, after listing Ma Huateng. Right now the distance goes all out great appear on the market mere two years of time. Nearly two years open of old man of not little business circles retires from public life partly mode one side is a company is high-key grow, it is father leaves off his post at the same time. With Huang Zheng, nearly two years, open of old man of not little business circles retires from public life partly mode. 2019, chengwei of drop drop author and willow blueness leave off his post respectively president and director post. Wang Wei of suitable abundant author leaves off his post suitable abundant is important post of company of two main body. In September, ma Yun leaves off his post Alibaba trustee bureau chairman. December, liu Chuanzhi announces to retire formally. Enter 2020, of business circles old man " leave off one's post wet " still did not drop in temperature. In April, 5 big trustee exit Ren Zhengfei along with jointly Shanghai China is board of directors of technical limited company. In addition, ripely father Yu Huijiao already left off his post one after another this year 7 are a company ripely. Lei Jun leaves off his post one after another this year important post of company of much home of golden mountain system and every guest department. Yu Min of new Oriental author big, also be in expression was made clear in direct seeding March retreat meaning. Yu Min of president of group of science and technology of new Oriental education big: During epidemic situation, I often consider to I retire and retire time, just cannot make public now, I can do more amused business. Age of old man give up the throne is not give up the throne of main reason old man, the reason is multifarious. Cloud of round virgin forces expresses the Babaji in A, the hope changes an all corners of the country. But because the age is too old,reason of give up the throne is rarely, ma Yun is 56 years old, ability is 37 Cheng dimension drop author drop years old. This shows, business circles old man people give up the throne leaves off his post, the age is not main reason. (article origin: CCTV finance and economics)
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