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        摘要: 原标题:美邦服饰董事长被限制消费    本报长沙讯  6月28日,因此前美特斯邦威未支付租金,其董事长胡佳佳被限制消费一事,在网上流传,并登上微博热搜。    据上海黄浦法 ...


            本报长沙讯  6月28日,因此前美特斯邦威未支付租金,其董事长胡佳佳被限制消费一事,在网上流传,并登上微博热搜。








        Original title: Beautiful country dressPresident is restricted to consume

        ? ? ? ? Dispatch of our newspaper Changsha? ? On June 28, because beautiful Tesibangwei did not pay rent before this, beautiful of its president Hu Jia is restricted to consume be related, circulate on the net, ascend small gain to heat up search.

        ? ? ? ? Be restricted according to what court of Shanghai yellow riverside allots disappear makes show, inc. of dress of Si Bangwei of Shanghai United States spy (the following abbreviation " beautiful country dress " ) reach beautiful of president Hu Jia to be adopted to restrict consumptive measure. In a desk of dispute of the building contract that rent that the reason was last year, the term that beautiful country dress did not designate by executive advice note fulfills Fu Yi Wu. Up to still did not fulfill Fu Yi Wu on June 24, 2020.

        ? ? ? ? On June 28 evening, response of respect of beautiful country dress says, this limitation high spending makes already removed, predict 24 hour hind to be updated on website of pertinent executive information.

        ? ? ? ? As we have learned, since fine of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad fine takes over a company, the outstanding achievement of firm of beautiful country dress is to rise all the time rise and fall volt. Make public annals data to show, came 2015 2017, the company is successive 3 years of deficit. Although be in 2018 for a time make up the deficits and get surpluses, implementation net profit 40.36 million yuan, but good times don't last long, 2019 company again deficit 826 million yuan.

        ? ? ? ? Dress of the state that occupy the United States reported first quarter 2020, the company realizes business income 921 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 46.7% . Loss of profit of net of partner of attributive parent company 219 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 671.67% . Beautiful country dress expresses, suffer epidemic situation effect, stream of people of inn of the door below the line has not restore, at present epidemic situation manages management negative effect to will last to the company, predict deficit comes 600 million yuan 300 million yuan first half of the year this year.

        ? ? ? ? Up to first quarter end, total of capital of beautiful country dress 5.988 billion yuan, indebted and aggregate 4.167 billion yuan.      

        ? ? ? ? Reporter Yao Fangyuan

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