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        摘要: 原标题:【市场观潮】预付卡消费需要“监管前置” 近一段时间,受疫情影响,一些长时间未能开展线下服务的教育培训机构选择彻底闭店关门。有的机构对消费者的预付卡消费全额退款, ...












        Original title: [market outlook is current] imprest card consumes need " the buy before superintending "

        Close period of time, suffer epidemic situation effect, a few education that fail for long to begin the service below the line groom orgnaization choice shuts inn to close thoroughly. The imprest card of the person that some orgnaization offset are expended consumes sum refund, also some with all sorts of reason protracted refund even " go bankrupt run road " , together with is taught individually groom the orgnaization advances card lowest charges a cost the requirement is exorbitant, many parents are in for the child before epidemic situation winter vacation buys a class ahead of schedule with the 2nd semester, bring about consumer final loss is bigger.

        To this, many grooming the orgnaization also has difficult character difficulties that one is reluctant to mention: Long below the line not begin school, even if can turn on molded lines, also want to pay the chummage below exalted line and manpower to keep cost for nothing, more what is more,the rather that begin school anticipates unidentified, market confidence is affected, it is financing no matter leasehold still, have new fund infuse hard.

        In fact, this one problem is more than education grooms the orgnaization exists, other because epidemic situation is long not the enterprise of practice, for example orgnaization of fitness of cinema, indoor sports, and the barber shop with the very few stream of people after practice, beauty parlour, these enterprises have imprest consumption blocking type, even some accepts imprest card to consume only -- the gym that the member makes, barber shop, once appear large-scale cash is difficult, not merely consumer will be unconscious suffer lose, also can produce adverse effect to industry development. Such adverse effect, even not in domain of economy of bureau be confined to.

        The occurrence of epidemic situation and continuously, exceed really the anticipation of operator and consumer, belong to " black swan " phenomenon. But undeniable is, imprest card break a contact appears after epidemic situation even the business runnings road, exposed imprest card to consume the superintendency blank with long-standing respect.

        The market of a lot of places superintends a branch is to advancing card consumes what still adopt " after the event is superintended " , namely beforehand is spent to the contract provision of imprest consumption, expenditure and flow direction of imprest card capital fails restricted measure, company occurrence cash is only difficult andConsumer is complainedAbility intervenes after. But right now, sufficient financing already was not had on enterprise Zhang, even if market superintends branch and industry director branch to intervene, or is lawsuit of business failure liquidation, consumer, the fund that can use compensation is very few also.

        because of such, market superintendency department and branch of travel owner canal ought to build perfect and imprest card to consume " beforehand is superintended " mechanism, the buy before superintending, through normative enterprise capital of management behavior and imprest card is used will reduce market risk.

        Current, a few places been beginninging to build imprest card to consume the market to supervise a mechanism, for example last year in December, beijing market consumes an environment to build joint meeting office to organize much branch, drafted jointly " the opinion that consumes market control about reinforcing imprest mood (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , right course kind outside school grooms the territory that management place of fitness of orgnaization, sports, traffic carries new job condition, travel agent and online travel to wait for imprest card to consume concentration makes administrative detailed rules and regulations technically and seek an opinion, put forward " pursue normative contract in the round " and " introduce consumption to be sure in the round " .

        In the meantime, requirement enterprise is built " oneself business processing system perhaps uses imprest type to consume processing system of communal base business " , superintending service platform to go up in coordination " on thoroughly fill in a form and submit it to the leadership receive the information such as fund expenses circumstance beforehand first quarter " , consumer Yi Youquan inquires to operator remaining sum is mixed trade record, also can inquire through platform basic message mixes operator to receive capital risk to be on guard beforehand measure. Such " the buy before superintending " mode, worth while and other place is drawn lessons from.

        Expect to be after epidemic situation, use the trade that imprest card consumes, the mechanism can be superintended in perfect market under, greet anabiosis. Perhaps say, perfect " beforehand is superintended " mechanism, just be the power that industry health expands.

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