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        腾讯加码直播电商 将于20日开启免费入驻通道|腾讯直播

        摘要: 原标题:腾讯加码直播电商 将于20日开启免费入驻通道 来源:东方财富网原标题:腾讯加码直播电商 将于20日开启免费入驻通道7月4日消息,腾讯直播团队昨日在微信公众号上发布了《 ...

        原标题:腾讯加码直播电商 将于20日开启免费入驻通道 来源:东方财富网

        原标题:腾讯加码直播电商 将于20日开启免费入驻通道







        Original title: Business of cable of direct seeding of Tecent raise the quota will enter freely at 20 days of open be stationed in passageway origin: Oriental fortuneNet

        Original title: Business of cable of direct seeding of Tecent raise the quota will be entered freely at 20 days of open be stationed in a passageway

        On July 4 message, group of Tecent direct seeding was released on date of small letter public yesterday " a letter of the person that send businessman of Tecent direct seeding and content creative work " .

        Group of Tecent direct seeding shows, tecent direct seeding will be stationed in a passageway at removing open to be entered freely on July 20, 2020, in letting more enterprise and individual share business of direct seeding cable. Rose at 0 o'clock from July 20, 2020, the user downloads APP of Tecent direct seeding, renown attestation can have the fact that finish direct seeding attributive and ability of goods of electric business area.

        In the meantime, tecent direct seeding still rolled out blue V rights and interests, the businessman can do business through uploading an enterprise the information such as Id of charter, legal person, pay 599 yuan / year attestation charge, upgrade for user of blue V of Tecent direct seeding. After upgrading, the user jumps voluntary enlightened small program turn the qualification that take money, implementation jumps from hotspot direct seeding turn to the businessman to oneself small order takes money, the blue V that and acquire terrace makes is exclusive fair region discharge gives aid to plan, return additionally OK and preferential the activity that participates in government of Tecent direct seeding to initiate.

        In addition, tecent direct seeding was rolled out " small classroom of Tecent direct seeding " course, offer ability of business of introduction of function of product of Tecent direct seeding, cable and direct seeding freely to take goods skill to wait for all users, detailed sees center of individual of APP- of Tecent direct seeding - direct seeding small classroom.

        According to " electric business signs up for " understanding, tecent is raising the price of the commodities again and again of late industry of electric business direct seeding. Tecent direct seeding still was released a few days ago " recruit of zoology service business plans " , recruit object includes electric business to groom, 5 kinds of modes of life and relation to their environment that brand sale, industry takes acting operation of direct seeding base, direct seeding, businessman to serve inside serve trader.

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