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      2. 万融配资网


        摘要: 原标题:送虚拟人物出道!爱奇艺将推出首档虚拟人物竞演节目《跨次元新星》 来源:IT新闻网姐姐妹妹出道后,下一个是谁? 继爆款综艺《青春有你2》女团“THE9”正式走向市场、《 ...

        原标题:送虚拟人物出道!爱奇艺将推出首档虚拟人物竞演节目《跨次元新星》 来源:IT新闻网

        姐姐妹妹出道后,下一个是谁? 继爆款综艺《青春有你2》女团“THE9”正式走向市场、《乘风破浪的姐姐》即将成团后,现在虚拟人物也要站上舞台,准备出道了!据悉,爱奇艺即将推出一档虚拟人物才艺竞演节目《跨次元新星》,节目将集结来自众多公司的虚拟人物,通过多轮残酷赛制的激烈角逐选出2020“地表最强跨次元新星”。

        借助《跨次元新星》,爱奇艺首创将虚拟人物融入到大型综艺内容。区别于传统的综艺剧情模式,节目将为用户全方位展现不拘泥于空间维度及时间维度的故事。此次,爱奇艺以备受当下年轻人关注的科技改变未来演出的交互模式作为切入点,创新综艺题材,探索未来艺人发展模式,也预示着平台或将持续探索青年文化的表达形式。近年来,跨次元文化逐渐兴起,从最开始的cosplay浪潮,到现在的虚拟人物,跨次元文化已经成为了行业炙手可热的焦点话题,甚至形成年轻世代表达、沟通的全新的语境。此前,爱奇艺已经推出了全球首个AI手语主播“奈奈”,以及虚拟厂牌RICH BOOM。厂牌主理人Producer C、厂牌成员Rainbow在公开活动以及多档综艺节目中均有亮相。

        除此之外,此次《跨次元新星》在技术应用方面也颇为值得关注。爱奇艺此次开创了大型综艺节目制作的多项NO.1,在节目录制及后期制作中采用了世界领先的电影级动作捕捉和全新CG渲染与合成技术,大幅提升了节目的制作效率;首次实现了动捕实时数据接入实时渲染引擎进行节目录制,让明星嘉宾可以在现场与虚拟人物直接互动;而数字孪生(Digital Twin)技术也首次被应用于综艺节目的拍摄中。通过技术的应用将舞台、灯光、机械结构、表演等要素与虚拟环境融合,多项业界领先技术加持的《跨次元新星》有望为虚拟人物打造最佳表演舞台。



        Original title: Thing of personification sending empty goes! Love is strange art will roll out a contest of content of archives empty personification to perform a program " cross dimension nova " origin: IT news network

        After elder sister little sister goes out, who is the next? Afterwards explodes a put together art " youth has you 2 " female group " THE9 " formal strike market, " the elder sister that brave the wind and waves " after be about to become a group, fictitious now character also wants the stage on the station, preparation goes out! It is reported, love is strange art be about to roll out contest of talent of content of personification of first gear empty to perform a program " cross dimension nova " , the program will build up the fictitious character that comes from numerous company, the intense contend that through many rounds brutal competition makes is singled out 2020 " the earth's surface crosses dimension nova the most by force " .

        Have the aid of " cross dimension nova " , love is strange art initiate blends in fictitious character large put together art content. Distinguish the put together at the tradition art gut mode, the program will be an user all-around show liberal spend the story that reachs time dimension to spend at dimensional dimension. This, love is strange art the seesaw pattern that the science and technology that pays close attention to with sufferring instantly youth fully changes prospective show serves as cut a point, innovate subject matter of put together art, exploration future actor develops pattern, adumbrative also platform or the expressive form that will explore young culture continuously. In recent years, cross dimension culture gradually arisen, from most initial Cosplay wave, to present fictitious character, crossed dimension culture to had become the focal topic with hot industry, form the young generation expression, brand-new language border that communicate even. Before this, love is strange art had rolled out the whole world first AI sign language advocate sow " Nai Nai " , and RICH BOOM of fictitious mill plate. Mill plate advocate Rainbow of member of plate of manage person Producer C, mill is making public activity and much archives all have in program of put together art appear.

        Besides, this " cross dimension nova " also be worth to pay close attention to very in technical application respect. Love is strange art initiated large put together this art the multinomial NO.1 of programming, in program transcribe and later period the film class action that the world used to precede in making is caught and brand-new CG apply colours to a drawing and synthetic technology, the; of the efficiency that make that promoted a program considerably came true to move first catch real time data to receive real time apply colours to a drawing engine undertakes program transcribe, make star honored guest OK interact directly in the spot and fictitious character; and digital twin (Digital Twin) technology also is applied at put together first art section purpose films in. Wait for arena, lamplight, rigid structure, performance element and fictitious environment confluence through technical application, multinomial industry precedes the technology is added hold " cross dimension nova " hopeful makes optimal performance arena for fictitious character.

        As take innovation seriously gender, former achieve gender, technical video platform, love is strange art the advantage of oneself of already successful have the aid of is in domain of put together art in succession open the many circuit such as interest of musical force, life, Xin Guochao, this " cross dimension nova " roll out, bring for the youth more the put together of diversity art content.

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