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      1. 万融配资网

        TCL发布电视、空调等全品类春季新品 成立鸿鹄实验室|TCL

        摘要: 原标题:TCL发布电视、空调等全品类春季新品 成立鸿鹄实验室 来源:iDoNewsDoNews 2月27日消息(记者 向密) TCL举行2020春季新品线上发布会,正式发布C8至臻QLED TV、P9好莱坞剧 ...

        原标题:TCL发布电视、空调等全品类春季新品 成立鸿鹄实验室 来源:iDoNews

        DoNews 2月27日消息(记者 向密) TCL举行2020春季新品线上发布会,正式发布C8至臻QLED TV、P9好莱坞剧院电视、V8全场景AI电视三大系列13款新品。与此同时,TCL还发布了空调、冰箱、洗衣机、智能锁等全品类智能科技新品。

        根据介绍,此次发布的C8至臻QLED TV是TCL首款量子点Pro电视,搭载了量子点Pro 2020技术。TCL方面称,量子点材料作为一种纳米级的优质发光材料,它可以显示更纯的色彩,以及提升电视的色域。

        另外,C8至臻QLED TV搭载安桥HiFi音响,支持IMAX ENHANCED技术以及全场景AI。TCL C8共有55寸、65寸、75寸三种尺寸供用户选择,目前55寸售价7999元,65寸定价为9999元,75寸定价为12999元。





        TCL X10超声波复式洗衣机采用复式双筒结构,支持用户分类洗衣。同时还加入了超声波洗涤技术,可清洗眼镜、珠宝及穿戴设备,实现100%全免污。TCL洗衣机用户可通过AI语音、手机APP和大屏触控三种方式来操作。

        TCL C5智慧大屏急冷式冰箱采用极速制冷技术,冰箱门正面带有一块21.5寸智慧屏,与TCL电视产品互联互通,可以播放娱乐内容,还可以给使用者定制最适合的烹饪方案,视频教程指导美食烹饪。此外,C5屏上的指纹识别可以测量消费者的血压,血氧饱和度,血管弹性等健康数据,关注身体健康指数,此产品售价为8999元。

        TCL K6X物联网智能锁搭载3D人脸识别算法,通过智能安全防护的技术为用户的家居安全提供保障。TCL方面称,借助K6X物联网智能锁提出的整屋智能解决方案,进一步加强对人、空间和设备的全面管理,实现智慧入户,全屋互联。




        Original title: TCL releases the whole class spring such as TV, air conditioning to taste newly establish source of Hong Gu lab: IDoNews

        DoNews 2 month 27 days of messages (reporter Xiang Mi) TCL holds 2020 spring to taste the news briefing on the line newly, release C8 formally to attain TV of AI of scene of full-court of TV of theater of Hollywood of QLED TV, P9, V8 3 old series 13 taste newly. Meanwhile, TCL still released the science and technology of whole class intelligence such as lock of air conditioning, freezer, washing machine, intelligence to be tasted newly.

        Basis introduction, the C8 that releases this comes attain QLED TV is TV of Pro of dot of quanta of TCL head money, carried quanta to select Pro 2020 technology. TCL respect says, quanta dot material regards the high grade glow of class of rice of a kind of accept as material, it can show purer color, and the colour gamut that promotes TV.

        Additional, c8 comes attain acoustics of HiFi of QLED TV embarking An Qiao, support IMAX ENHANCED technology and full-court scene AI. TCL C8 shares 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches 3 kinds of dimension choose for the user, at present 55 inches of price 7999 yuan, 65 inches of prices are 9999 yuan, 75 inches of prices are 12999 yuan.

        TV of P9 Hollywood theater, advocate make high quality sound, overall use sound of An Qiao HiFi, obtained on acoustic quality level " golden ear chooses " attestation; Divide this beyond, its still matched tall colour gamut of supportive primary colors and the round part that control light subtly are comprehensive screen. TV of P9 Hollywood theater has 50 inches at present, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, 82 inches 5 kinds of dimension can offer an alternative, among them 50 inches of price 4299 yuan, 55 inches of carry out 4999 yuan, 65 inches of carry out 7999 yuan, 75 inches of carry out 10599 yuan, 82 inches of carry out 17999 yuan.

        TV of AI of V8 full-court scene criterion advocate hit intelligent AI to control, its use 24 hours of on-line to avoid AI of remote control setting, pass the organic couple of full-court scene AI and TCL intelligence furniture, let intelligence live in each corner in walking into the home quickly. TV of AI of V8 full-court scene has 43 inches at present, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches 5 in dimension chooses for the user, among them 43 inches of price 2399 yuan, 50 inches of price 2799 yuan, 55 inches of price 2999 yuan, 65 inches of price 3999 yuan, 75 inches of price 6499 yuan.

        Releasing while TV is tasted newly, the science and technology of whole class intelligence such as lock of TCL air conditioning, freezer, washing machine, intelligence is tasted newly.

        TCL rolled out 3 brand-new soft wind air conditioning, it is machine of ark of soft wind of 3 T farsighted intelligence respectively, fix a price 9999 yuan; Optional 2 / air conditioning of 3 changes in temperature of type of clothes closet of soft wind of wisdom of I ripples frequency conversion, 5399 yuan (2) / fix a price 6199 yuan (3) ; Still have U profit soft wind of wisdom of 1.5 frequency conversion is hanged machine, fix a price 3699 yuan. They all advocate make soft wind technology, can size of automata wind force and direction.

        Washing machine of double entry of TCL X10 ultrasonic uses structure of double entry double canister, supportive user classification washs clothes. Still added ultrasonic catharsis skill at the same time, can clean glasses, gem to reach apparel equipment, implementation 100% avoid completely corrupt. User of TCL washing machine can pass He Dabing of APP of AI speech, mobile phone to touch accuse 3 kinds of means to operate.

        Freezer of urgent cold pattern uses big screen of TCL C5 wisdom extremely fast refrigeration technology, freezer door front contains a screen of 21.5 inches of wisdom, connect with each other of interconnection of TCL TV product, can broadcast recreational content, still can give the person that use custom-built the cooking plan that fits most, cooking of cate of video tutorial guidance. In addition, the dactylogram on C5 screen spots the blood pressure that can survey consumer, hematic oxygen degree of saturation, the healthy data such as hemal flexibility, pay close attention to healthy index, this product price is 8999 yuan.

        Intelligence of net of couplet of TCL K6X content locks up face of embarking 3D person to identify algorithm, the household safety that is an user through the technology that intelligent safety defends provides safeguard. TCL respect says, intelligence of net of couplet of content of K6X of have the aid of locks up the solution of whole house intelligence that offer, strengthen the comprehensive management of pair of people, space and equipment further, implementation wisdom is entered door, whole house interconnection.

        Besides release a series of taste newly besides, TCL still announces to establish grand swan laboratory, join company IT versatility and artificial intelligence equipment first the technology related agreement and technology of high in the clouds is current platform conformity is together. It is reported, grand targets swan the lab has 4 technologies center in the whole world, the big data cloud of 200 above makes the same score group of stage and cloud platform, the AI algorithmic group of 400 people above, provide technical support for intelligent terminal product.

        According to the data that TCL government publishs, income of carry out of TCL sea export takes integral product income about 55% , sale of television of 2019 annual accumulative total grows 12% compared to the same period to 3, 2 million, expression of sale of each region market all realizes growth to rank the whole world the 2nd, China the first. (be over)

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